Big news for bitcoin and crypto currency

Switzerland’s stock exchange – owned and managed by SIX – has announced its intention to begin offering crypto-specific markets in the very near future. The new SIX Digital Exchange, SDX for short, is – will be fully regulated by authorities in its native country, and backed by the Swiss National Bank, in the same way as its main exchange.
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Re: Big news for bitcoin and crypto currency

Even if BTC is in retreat, the change it has made in the market, in economics, finance and banking is simply impossible to evaluate. Thanks to it, blockchain technology has become a topic that has been developed by the largest technological companies. Cryptocurrencies began to be the subject of even legislation (not to mention mass consciousness, mass media and art). Thanks to the success of bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies are developing today. However, I do not recommend investing too much in BTC. This is no longer a game for ordinary players. And these rumors about the price manipulation ...

It's better to invest in altcoins - in my opinion. Now introduces a lot of interesting new currencies on the stock exchanges (eg EOS ... e-surprise) I will do with them as before with FTO - I will buy, hold and sell in parts with a profits. What do you think about my strategy? I'm happy to discuss it.
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