EOS available on CoinDeal! But check the surprise!

Hey, I do not know if you've heard that EOS is now available on CoinDeal. The article below!

We can gladly inform that the new cryptocurrency was just added to CoinDeal. From now on you can trade with…

EOS available on CoinDeal! But check the surprise!
… EOS!

This is the cryptocurrency that won in our 6th voting in “vote for a new cryptocurrency” system along with TRON and SLT. EOS is a cryptocurrency initially based on Ethereum (now, developers have created own blockchain) using blockchain technology with the decentralized operating system. In the end, it will be exactly 2,000,000,000 coins. The main thing that makes this cryptocurrency stand out against others, is that there is no fee the user is paying after a conduction of a transaction. Instead, the user buying a coin is becoming an owner of a small part of the network. EOS is also resistant to DDoS attacks. EOS is paired with Bitcoin (BTC).

We can also present a new markets: EOS/BTC and… ORBT/BTC.

As a bonus we have decided to add a new cryptocurrency to CoinDeal - ORBISE10. ORBISE10 is an ERC_20 token which represents a predefined basket of well-known and highly liquid cryptocurrencies.

Don’t forget about voting for your favorite cryptocurrencies which should be - in your opinion - added to CoinDeal - a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

https://coindeal.com/news/EOS-available ... e-surprise

What do you think about it? Do you have any experience with these currencies?
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Re: EOS available on CoinDeal! But check the surprise!

I will definitely consider investing. It's great that CoinDeal decided to introduce this currency.

To all beginners interested in investing too - if you will needed a few tips on how to trade EOS on the CoinDeal platform then FuturoCoin released a very nice tutorial - you can find it here: https://newsroom.futurocoin.com/how-to- ... beginners/ in an easy way described what to do step by step.
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Re: EOS available on CoinDeal! But check the surprise!

@AngelaLx If you are a CoinDeal user, could you do me a favor and vote for NEO in a vote action on CoinDeal exchange? Voting takes place here: https://coindeal.com/vote This platform organizes votes in which users themselves choose the currencies to be introduced to the platform. I would like to invest in NEO but it does not have enough votes... Maybe thanks to your votes it will work? I'm counting on your help! If you will have any questions please let me know! Thank you in advance!
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