EXCOLONY is the new Generation Trading Platform using ICCO policy to raise funds
ICCO (Initial Convertible Coin Offering) is published by the permission of Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and has to follow the strict laws of EU

With the ICCO policy of EXCOLONY, EXC tokens play as “Convertible Bond with 0% interest”. When the users invest in EXCOLONY, they buy EXC (EXC is the coin of EXCOLONY exchange) and keep them to convert into company Share after 2–3 years.

It is apparent that ICCO is ICO, however, it has a revolution step is having company share in the future for the investors owning these number of tokens.

For instance: EXCOLONY has 10.000.000 EXC in the ICO using ICCO, 30% for sale (30.000.000 EXC). At that time, EXCOLONY will have a convention that 100.000 EXC equals with 1% company Share after 3 years. The investor B buy 300.000 EXC and 3 years later, B will come to EXCOLONY, give EXCOLONY 300.000 EXC and take 3% company share.
Several investors said that:

ICCO is the most special investment in Blockchain at this time. All the investors can realize the opportunities, nonetheless, the undecision makes them confuse and prevent them to join. It is obvious that ICCO will change this situation, the latest Blockchain is able to allow people to use Mutil-regulation, follow the rules to manage the fiat-currency and Cryptocurrency.
Turning to EXCOLONY, we are sure that ICCO is an excellent option that will make fake ICOs almost impossible. However, it is a new mechanism, and there should be ways to further strengthen it while maintaining flexibility, transparency and security. We are still thinking over further improvements and are open to discussion.

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