Re: Reserve Oil & Gas Coin the Future Of Oil & Crypto

cryptooffer wrote:
November 18th, 2018, 12:48 pm
The only oil & gas company merging the blockchain, Internet of Things(IoT) & paying an annual dividend

BTW when it comes to still profitable things, I recommend you check FTO prices (FuturoCoin). I have invested and can not complain about profits. This is still a growing project, but already listed on 8 exchanges - most recently on CryptoStock by DARB - check here: ... -platform/
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Re: Reserve Oil & Gas Coin the Future Of Oil & Crypto

I think it's worth it. FTO is a new kind of cryptocurrency. It was developed using Dash technology and just like Bitcoin, it uses a p2p system. Futurocoin uses nodes too, which also adds the so-called Masternodes, which improve its process' efficience. What's more, with Bitcoin you have to have a transaction, which usually takes some minutes. Futurocoin has conceived a faster confirmation that only needs 4 seconds.

@francesco I am interested in your view on cryptocurrencies. Do you invest in BTC? Are you investing in altcoins? How long have you been interested in the topic?
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Re: Reserve Oil & Gas Coin the Future Of Oil & Crypto

It is interesting that even among the experienced traders there is no single opinion as to the investment in BTC and altcoins. Some in the new year will buy more BTC, others will turn towards other coins (like ETH or less known projects like FuturoCoin). I choose the other way and I hope it will bring me a profit. So, to answer your question - yes, I believe that altcoins are the good choice when you consider how your investment portfolio should looks like.
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