📍Quick Fact about Ritva

Ritva is a financial investment organization established on a firm foundation in the EU region with many experts in finance and investment field involved, especially trading (Forex, precious metals, oil, etc.)

Ritva’s strategies

As an investment firm, Ritva has to carefully plot out different investment options, each with different expected return and time frame for such a return. We categorise out strategies into short, mid, and long term.

For short term, the company is co-operating with IBs, as this will provide continuous and instantaneous stream of income, with virtually no risk. Moreover, the bootstrapping cost is rather low.

Nonetheless, income from dealing with IBs is not that high. This leads Ritva to its mid-term plan which is to run a venture capital investing in promising startup. As we all know, Estonia is a silicon valley of Eastern Europe. Therefore, Ritva has great exposure to various brilliant ideas and favorable environment to nurtures startups. The only downside is that these startups would often take a year or two to realise their idea and bring their product/service to the market, which essentially means we need to wait that much time to see our investment coming to fruition. As a result, the company keeps this as a mid-term plan.

As interesting and fascinating as the concept of Fintech is, it is not the only star in the sky. Ritva’s experts believe that with the ever-faster pace of technological advance, especially in information and telecommunication systems, other fields can very well be able to incorporate these innovation into their workflow, and thereby boosting their efficiency and profit.

The particular field the company sets its vision in is Education. EduTech will definitely be the next trend. Why? It is simple. None of us would ever think twice when it comes to investing in your or your children’s education. With all the wonderful and transformative things EduTech promises to bring about, together with the eagerness of the consumers when those services are actually offer, there is not doubt that the pie will be extremely large, and whoever set their foot early in the game will get a lion portion of the pie. That is Ritva’s vision.

Sum up

With 3 different strategies for various development stages, Ritva has proved itself as a promising and trusted investment firm where you get high income monthly with no worry.
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