[Airdrop] Tweebaa

Tweebaa launches Twitter Campaign!

1️⃣Follow Tweebaa Twitter account: https://twitter.com/tweebaa

2️⃣Like the Event Tweets

3️⃣Retweet and Comment about Tweebaa

4️⃣Use the hashtag #TWEE #tweebaa #iLoveTwee #iUseTweebaa #cryptocurrency #crypto #giveaway

5️⃣@Tag 5 of your friends on Twitter

6️⃣Join Tweebaa Telegram Group and Channel: https://t.me/tweebaa_official & https://t.me/tweebaa_channel

7️⃣Submit your twitter post link to this form: https://forms.gle/J4rpeex6fsdcrCZY7

10 lucky winners will walk away with $50 worth of TWEE token from participants who have at least 100 followers!!
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