P2P crypto exchange software

A P2P crypto exchange works on the fundamental concept of Blockchain that is decentralization. it allows the buyer and seller trade directly without any third party involvement. Zab Technologies is a leading P2P crypto exchange development company that offers P2P crypto exchange development to international clients. they develop the P2P crypto exchange software with advanced features that can help you to start a P2P crypto exchange instantly and securely. [email protected] to get a free demo. to know more about our services and features visit the website.
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Re: P2P crypto exchange software

Our P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform provides secure, interactive and flexible trading environment for end users. The transactions are processed at a lightning speed and smart contract-based Escrow system fuels trading between the platform’s users. The robust dispute management system enables seamless dispute redressal. Every module is developed using different encryption methods to ensure confidentiality and protection for users. Two-factor authentication, KYC and AML are obligatory for every user profile.
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