You do not know how to start mining? We have an idea!

Most people will agree that mining now is a very expensive pleasure. Huge money is being invested by people in order to create minimum conditions for profitable mining.

The situation is not improving, rather, on the contrary, every year we notice an increasingly obvious tendency for the number of investments necessary for mining to grow.

Earlier, experts argued that for effective mining of Bitcoin, its price should be around $ 16,000.

The era of home mining is a thing of the past, now it is almost impossible to profitably mine without huge costs for equipment.

Or is it still possible?

Everyone wants to solve this problem, not just us. And as you know, when people have a strong need for something, the market and technology will definitely help us!

It's time to learn new technologies for mining. At the moment, one of the most attractive and interesting is Pos mining.

SPACEBOT provides an opportunity to increase cryptocurrency mining productivity per month by mining coins BIP, PRIZM and other cryptocurrencies due to the overall greater balance in the blockchain network using the Proof-of-Stake system.

Why you should pay attention to Pos mining?

"Proof-of-Stake" or proof of ownership, this term is deciphered in this way - this is an alternative way of mining.

In blockchain networks based on Proof-of-Stake, trusted nodes are involved in transaction confirmation and the generation of new blocks. They must have a certain number of tokens on the balance sheet and receive remuneration for their work.

Using this technique, you can create an effective option for passive income with a high level of profitability.

We are changing the idea of mining as a huge system with a bunch of complex and expensive equipment.

In many ways, the principle is similar to a deposit account, which receives interest as a reward for using the bank's services.

In some cases, the criminal who wishes to attack the coin is among the victims, because the cryptocurrency is losing stability and value.

The advantage of the Pos-mining algorithm is a high level of security.

The organizational structure makes an attack on a PoS-based system unprofitable.

How to start Pos mining?

Download the Spacebot app on the App Store or Play Market.

- Come up with a nickname
- Enter your email address
- Create a strong password (it is better if it contains letters and numbers)
- Enter the email (if you have the appropriate field: "Mail up liner"), which invited you to the mobile application.

- Check "I accept" (I agree) after reading the user agreement
- "Sign Up" (register)

Top up your balance and take advantage of all the features of SPACEBOT.

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