So I created this small dApp on Ethereum.

Hi there,

some year maybe year and half ago I founded out about crypto. I didn't get into it at the beginning, bad for me! Since January of this year I started reading more and more about it. As a web developer I decided to try something new and created this small pyramid dApp based upon world of chemical elements. My bae even helped with graphic design! Here is link for post on where I explain all of it's functionality. We also tryied to deliver as much overview information about elements as we can so you can read some info about them!


We provide 3 types of cards, with 4 type being added later. Element, Scientist and Periodic Table cards:

Upon selling each of card owner if it is getting 96% of it's value.
Owner of Scientist cards is also getting 1% fee for transactions on Element cards assigned to it..
Owner of Periodic Table card is getting 1% fee for every transaction occuring in this dApp.

To compensate "pyramid dApp" disadvantages I added funcionality in Smart Contract which allows an owner of card to modify it's price, but not higher than current price and not lower than starting price.

DApps website is under this addres: it is already listed on Dapp Insight and State of the Dapps.

I am here to any feedback about website, it's funcionality, proposals etc. As it is our first project we would like to make it as good as we can. Thanks!

(If there is some other thread where I could post it please let me know)
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